fwhitney - Please contact us at support@fantasygrade.com to coordinate your winning check payment and trophy.
We have been trying to contact you for weeks and have sent multiple emails and also sent a letter to your address on file but have yet to receive a response.
We did see your email to the support box but we have heard no repsonse to our response. Thanks.
  • 6th Yr!
  • 2022 Fantasy Wrestling National Championship
  • $20
  • Champion: $1000 cash + Huge Championship Trophy
  • All-Americans: 2nd: $175, 3rd: $150, 4th: $125, 5th: $100, 6th: $75, 7th: $50, 8th: $25 cash
  • Real-time scoring!
  • Salary Cap format using Avg Rankings
  • Unlimited entries, buy 5 get 1 free