• 2023 Final X Men's Freestyle
  • Free to Play
  • Real-time scoring!
  • Total Payouts: $85

Roster Rules - FinalX
1. Each roster must select a winner for each match in the contest (10 total, 1 for each weight class).
2. Each roster must enter the confidence points for each match. Choose 1 for who you think is least likely to win and 10 for who is most likely to win.
3. Each roster must enter the series result for each match (2-0 or 2-1) (for use in tiebreakers)
4. Withdrawal Rule - Once the deadline hits for adding or changing teams, you not be allowed to modify your lineup. You will have until the official roster deadline to modify rosters. If a wrestler withdraws from a match prior to its start, that match will still be included in the scoring. Therefore, you should make a final check of your rosters prior to the submission deadline to insure you don’t have this issue. *Our best effort will be made to place notifications on the roster page and Twitter as soon as we can after learning of a wrestler withdrawal but you are ultimately responsible for changing your lineup.

Scoring - FinalX
1. If you correctly selected the match winner you will receive the confidence points you selected for that wrestler (between 1-10 points)
2. If you incorrectly selected the match winner you will receive 0 points for that match.

Tiebreakers - FinalX
The winner will be determined based on the following criteria in this order
  • Total Winners: The roster with the most winners selected
  • Correct Series Results: The number of series results correctly selected
  • Earliest Submission: The roster created and finalized the earliest wins.

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