Roster Entry - Collegiate Duals
Match Winners:
Each roster must select a winner for each match in the dual (10 total, 1 for each weight class).
Confidence Pts:
Each roster must enter the confidence points for each match. Choose 1 for who you are least sure will win and 10 for who you are most confident will win.
Victory Type:
Enter the type of victory for how you think each wrestler will win the match (Decision, Major, Tech Fall or Fall)
Tiebreakers: Each roster must complete the tiebreakers
  • Winning dual team
  • Winning team score
  • Loser team score
If a wrestler you have selected does not participate you will receive the replacement wrestler for the same school.
You will have until the official starting time of the dual to add rosters or make changes to existing rosters.

Scoring - Collegiate Duals
Confidence Points:
If you correctly selected the match winner you will receive the confidence points you selected for that wrestler (between 1-10 points). 0 points for incorrect selections
Bonus Points:
If you correctly selected the match winner and the type of victory you will receive the bonus points equal to the team dual points: Decision(3), Major(4), Tech Fall(5), Fall(6) **NEW IN 2024**
if you correctly pick a major decision on your 6 confidence match you receive 10 points (6 confidence pts + 4 Major bonus pts)

Dual Contest Overall Scoring
Your top 5 duals scores will be added to create the final standings **NEW IN 2024**
  • Most Wins
  • Highest Dual Points
  • Most Entries
  • Avg Finish (all entries, not just top 8)

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