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Host Your Own Fantasy Wrestling League
College Wrestling Championships
  • $20 League fee, unlimited invitations
  • Real-time scoring!
  • Salary Cap leagues - one wrestler from each weight class staying under a salary cap
  • Standard league rosters entered into free State Championships (Salary Cap, Avg Ranks)
  • League chat
  • Easy yearly league renewal and invitations
  • All league formats follow individual tournament scoring
New in 2021!!
  • Top 10 Seed Game: Owners select one wrestler from each weight class and one from each of the top 10 seeds
  • Custom Salary Cap: Leagues can choose their salary cap maximum
  • Customized Ranks: Leagues can choose their rankings source - AWN, WIN, Track, FloWrestling, Intermat, OpenMat, Avg Ranks (default) or Tournament Seeds
  • Offline Drafts: Commissioners can enter offline draft results for snake and auction formats
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League Name Entry Fee Max Entries Game Join
2022 Fantasy Wrestling National Championship $20 Unlimited Salary Cap - Avg Ranks
Brush up on the latest rankings with the USA Wrestling Weighing-In Podcast by our boys David Mirikitani and Mark Ostrander