College Wrestling Office Pools
College Wrestling Office Pools have finally arrived to the web! offers office pool hosting service allowing commissioners to manage users and automatically calculate scoring. This is the only online wrestling office pool on the web!

Basic Pool Rules
  • Select 10 wrestlers, one from each weight class
  • Stay within a predefined salary cap of 1000. Cap values are based on wrestler rankings from InterMat.
  • Standings are updated live as matches progress through the Championship tournament.
Pool Features
  • 25$ for up to 500 participants per pool
  • Live Scoring as the championship tournament progresses
  • Customize from 1-5 entries per participant
  • Talk smack through the chat feature

What is the Grade in FantasyGrade?
Your FantasyGrade is a measure of your fantasy sports skill. Each member and awarded a performance grade for each pool that is completed. Each grade is then averaged into your overall FantasyGrade. Use your FantasyGrade as a fun way to talk smack to friends about your fantasy sports prowess. Rookie, Journeyman, Veteran, All-Star and Hall of Fame: What is your FantasyGrade?
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